Aeration is the process of removing 2” to 3” plugs from your lawn to allow air & water to the grass roots.It also helps decreasing the amount of thatch in your lawn. Aeration is recommended once a year, either fall or spring. Some lawns that grow very fast and are considered very healthy need to be aerated both spring and fall.


If you plan to over-seed your lawn, you should aerate before you do so. If you are over-seeding in the spring do not apply crab grass preventer as it will also prevent your grass seed from germinating. In the Fall the optimal time frame for over-seeding is Sept. 1 to 15 th, as over-seeding should be done by Sept. 15.

If you do not need to overseed your lawn, aeration can be done until the ground freezes. Best results from aeration are seen when done between Sept.1 to Oct. 15 or in Spring March 15 to May 1.

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