JT Services mows to your specifications. The options for mowing are numerous and we have the correct equipment to give your lawn the care it needs. The standard mow is done with alternating patterns from week to week to give a better cut and prevent ruts in your lawn. Most of our lawns are blue grass and should be cut at 3 inches for optimal health. This height also helps the grass fight off weed growth. We trim all sidewalks, driveways, posts, and beds. Last, we blow off your sidewalks and driveway.

Mowing takes everyone longer than they would like for it to.
We would like to save your Saturday.

  • No more finding your old clothes and your worst pair of shoes
  • No more going to the gas station and stinking up your car
  • No more fighting to start your mower
  • No more 2 cycle oil mixing for your weed-eater
  • No more sweating in the summer heat
  • No more wet grass clogs to clear
  • No more, “I can’t go with you, I have to mow the grass”

JT Services will mow and trim your lawn and give you:

  • More space in the garage
  • More space in your closet (get rid of those old clothes)
  • A cleaner mud room
  • More time to play golf
  • More time to play with the kids
  • More time to go on those weekend trips
  • MORE TIME for YOU!

Other options include:

  • Bagged clippings
  • Double cut in checker board pattern
  • Blade edging of sidewalks and driveways

Free Estimate

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