mulch installation

Mulch is a defining part of your landscape. We all have different ideas about mulch! What looks the best, and personal color preferences are examples. The Buckeye Fan with a gray house and red mulch with the Buckeye flag waiving high on the porch makes a different statement than the elegant, formal look with dark black mulch surrounding the Japanese Maple. We can help you express any style you wish with mulch.

These are a few of the types and colors we can install for you:

Black Hardwood

Brown Hardwood

Dark Hardwood
(not stained)



Pine Nuggets

Ask for additional options.

JT Services is ready to give you that exclamation point you want. We recommend 2” of mulch added to your beds to help prevent weeds, hold moisture for your shrubs, and still allow them to breath.

JT Services also has additional services we can provide to make your beds look great. These services include:

  • Bed Edging
  • Pre-emergent Application for season long weed control
  • Additional Top Soil
  • Planting and Transplanting Shrubs, Flowers, and Small Trees

Free Estimate

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