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Shrub & Tree Treatments

The beauty of your landscape depends on the types of plants and trees you choose and the quality of care they get. Since every landscape has a different theme and concept, it may have a variety of shrubs and trees. Maintenance of these living features can be challenging if you try to handle it yourself and requires horticultural knowledge. You also need access to proper fertilization and soil enrichment products.

The best way to make sure your plants get the care they need is to hire experts like us for shrub and tree treatments. We at JT Services Lawn Care, LLC are a leading company in this industry. If you need professional and reliable lawn mowing services, you are in the right place. Our company has been in existence for over 16 years. In this time, we have handled scores of landscape care projects and continue to cater to a vast repeat clientele.

Customized Plant Treatment Plans

We offer tailored solutions and ensure that our residential and commercial clients in New Albany, Blacklick, Gahanna, and Westerville get high-grade services that suit their needs. Our team completes every job efficiently and to industry standards. If you have different types of ornamentals, they will need specific treatments, such as:

  • Rhododendron – high PH, moist soil conditions, partial shade           
  • Boxwoods – neutral PH, well-drained soil, full sun

Each of these shrubs requires specific nutrients for optimal plant health. They both need insect control and fungicides. Timing is designed to fight off these threats. We have in-depth knowledge about these and many other plantings and trees. We work closely with you, assess which trees and plants you have, and then provide solutions accordingly.

JT Services Shrub and Ornamental Tree Program is custom designed for the individual needs of your landscape. This 5 step program gives your plants the nutrients and protection they need to thrive when they are planted properly and in the correct location.

Cost-Effective Tree and Shrub Treatments

We make sure that you get value for money when you hire us and maintain very competitive shrub and tree treatment costs. For any details about our commercial and residential tree treatment solutions, contact our team and discuss your requirements.

Our team will align the shrub treatment solutions to the other landscaping services you need. You can call us on this number - 614-284-0407, or send us your queries and requests via this Online Form. We look forward to doing business with you.

Tree Treatments Columbus, OH
Rhododendron – high PH,
moist soil conditions, partial shade
Shrub & Tree Treatments - Boxwoods
Boxwoods – neutral PH,
well-drained soil, full sun
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Shrub Treatments
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Shrub Treatments
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Shrub Treatments
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