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Top Dressing With Compost/Top Soil Mixture

Top Soil Dressing Columbus, OHA lush, green lawn requires the right kind of soil nourishment. However, it isn't easy to make too many alterations to the soil once the grass has grown. Most lawn care professionals recommend working organic products into the ground via tilling or digging before planting, but you can’t do this once the grass is established. So, what can you do if you feel that your lawns need some serious help?

Custom Top Dressing with Compost

If done correctly, the top-dressing technique can improve your soil without killing the existing grass. We at JT Services Lawn Care, LLC are a leading company in this industry. If you need professional and affordable compost installation services, you are in the right place.

We offer tailored solutions and ensure that our residential and commercial clients in New Albany, Blacklick, Gahanna, and Westerville get high-grade soil -top-dressing services. Our team ensures that every job is completed efficiently and to industry standards.

Top-dressing helps address some common lawn issues such as:

  • Rough grading caused by the freeze-thaw cycle, general soil settling, tunneling critters, and water runoff
  • Low spots caused by rotting tree roots that settle after erosion, underground cable/pipe installation
  • Compacted soil in the low-lying spaces or high-traffic areas where the water starts to pool
  • Depletion of soil’s nutrients due to neglect, repeated use of various chemical fertilizers or leaching
  • Bare spots due to variation in soil nutrients and texture, or environmental damage caused by heat, drought, etc.

Benefits of Organic Top Dressing

The top-dressing techniques we use gradually improve the soil over time. As the organic matter slowly breaks down, it starts to infiltrate the soil, improving not just the texture but its overall health too. Top-dressing can:

  • Improve drought-resistance and drainage
  • Reduce the need for various supplemental fertilizers
  • Even out the grade
  • Transform your lawns into low-maintenance, healthy and organic turf

Top-Dressing With Compost- The Schedules We Maintain

Ideally, we do this work in early fall or spring. It gives the grass the time it needs to grow through three to four more mowing before the hot or cold months. This is crucial, especially if you are also planning to overseed the lawn. We can handle this job in stages or at one shot. The process followed will be the same, and we always get good results.

Aspects We Keep In View While Top Dressing Soil

We use the best grade organic top dressing mixtures and recommend repeat applications for trouble spots. However, uniform and regular top-dressing does not have to be done annually. Since we add soil to the existing space, it raises the grade and can have an impact on thatch breakdown. 

We know how much topsoil we need to add. Our team will inspect your yard and if they find it too be too troublesome, will add, lighter applications, multiple times. For any more information about our commercial and residential top dressing with compost solutions, feel free to contact our team and discuss your requirements.

We make sure that the compost installation services complement the other lawn care services you need. You can call us on this number - 614-284-0407, or send us your queries and requests via this Online Form. We look forward to doing business with you.

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