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Top Dressing

Top Dressing Columbus, OHThe lawns on your property need proper care and nourishment. But neglect, natural depletion, and environmental factors can take their toll on the soil. This depletion of nutrients affects the health of your turf, and it becomes necessary to replenish the nutrients at regular intervals. 

We at JT Services Lawn Care, LLC are a leading company in this industry. If you need professional and affordable top dressing services, you are in the right place. We offer tailored solutions and ensure that our residential and commercial clients in New Albany, Blacklick, Gahanna, and Westerville get high-grade top dressing services. Our team ensures that every job is completed efficiently and to industry standards.
What is Top Dressing?

Top dressing of a lawn is the process used to add thin layers of material over the turf. Generally, 1/4 to ½”of soil amendment/compost matter is spread throughout the lawns with shovels, using a throwing action. This material is then worked down into the layers of thatch by raking. We sometimes wash it in with sprinklers or allow the rain to help it settle naturally.

Benefits of Top Dressing

  • As a soil amendment, this technique can help improve soil biology as it adds organic matter and various beneficial microorganisms found in good quality compost.
  • It’s possible to modify and add drainage by topdressing with corrective materials like sand
  • It acts as a long-term organic fertilizer.
  • Reduces lawn stresses and helps to keep thatch under control
  • Regular topdressing applications can smooth out the bumps that crop up due to worm castings
  • It encourages a dense and lush lawn
  • Adding organic matter to greens using compost topdressing is one of the most beneficial lawn care practices

Types of Top Dressing Materials

There is a variety of topdressing materials available. The lawns and your budget will dictate the one you choose. We typically use compost in our topdressing work, and there are many varieties and grades available. Compost needs the right balance of dry and wet materials, and this is something we focus on. We also make sure it's "cooked" (highly decomposed) correctly.

High-quality, finished compost is rich and dark. It contains various organic materials and some filler’s, including loam and sawdust. In some cases, we may use sand, compost, and soil blends for easy spreading. But we always make sure that the soil used is compatible with the existing soil on your lawns.

High-Grade Top Dressing For Healthy Turf

Our experts recommend that topdressing be done in tandem with overseeding and aerating, which are also effective lawn care techniques. This detailed approach goes a long way in ensuring that you have healthy and lush lawns on your property.

For any more information about our commercial and residential top dressing solutions, feel free to contact our team and discuss your requirements. We make sure that the soil top dressing services are in line with the other lawn care services you need. You can call us on this number - 614-284-0407, or send us your queries and requests via this Online Form. We look forward to doing business with you.

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